Symbols – why lavender?

Many individuals believe in the significance of symbols such as flowers, ribbons, hearts, crosses, and various other items.  Such trinkets are often used as a guide; they can help see people through traumatic events, hard times, and other things sometimes unexplained or difficult to understand.  The presence of a symbol is also a reference that can quickly tell others what charities or communities you support and believe in, or can even speak to one’s medical needs.  When wearing a symbol that represents something very distinct and personal, it is important to know that the symbol you wear clearly portrays the message intended to send…

Recently there have been some discrepancies over the understanding of lavender, what it represents for individuals with epilepsy, and why it is the chosen color for epilepsy.  Therefore I would like to help clarify some information that may have been heard recently about lavender from various opinions over the net.  First and foremost, lavender DOES NOT represent isolation for people living with epilepsy.  English lavender, also known as true lavender, is a flowering lavender known for its medicinal uses.  This lavender has a calming effect and is often used in herbal teas, lotions, soaps and other items for the purpose of soothing and massaging the body.  As well, lavender is known for its healing power. 

If you are still questioning why lavender has been the symbol for epilepsy for so long please check out the information on the English Lavender at:

Lavender symbolizes calm, peace, no pain; and it has the power to rejuvenate and heal – everything we want for people living with epilepsy.  So, thank you to whoever made the choice to choose lavender as our symbol.  As well, thanks to starting out with lavender, we now also use many other “shades of purple” in our communities when doing our various projects to promote awareness for epilepsy.  And since we are finally beginning to reach a point where people do sometimes recognize purple as a symbol for epilepsy, let’s also make sure we all understand what lavender is about and why it makes such a great positive influence for people living with epilepsy. 

Sincerely,                                                                                                                                       Tracey Alderson                                              EpilepsyAwareness2009/EpilepsyAwarenessForAll  

**All contents from articles posted at EpilepsyAwareness2009/EpilepsyAwarenessForAll are intended for informational purposes only.                                                                                              We always do our best to provide accurate information, however we cannot take responsibility due to misprints, errors, or for any other misunderstandings or misinterpretations of this websites contents; i.e. – facts, expressions of personal opinions, personal stories, or for any information provided by other websites.                                

**Fact based articles have current information at the time of their posting. And postings are updated periodically.                                                                                                    **Diagnosis, treatment, and care for any serious medical condition should always be analyzed and monitored by a qualified physician/specialist who has examined and/or knows the patient’s history.                                                                                                      **Please check with your specialist before changing or adding medicines, including all over-the-counter medicines and herbal medicines.                                                            **Never stop any anti seizure medication suddenly!                              **Precaution when mixing:  Check and be sure over-the-counter and herbal medicines always mix safely with existing medicines before using them!    


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